Honoring our fighting men, women and military families

As a family practice and emergency room doctor, David Gill has treated hundreds of veterans over the years. He believes our nation has a sacred trust to keep with the men and women who bravely serve our nation. In Congress, David Gill will oppose any efforts to cut veterans’ health care or benefits. He will work for more options for care closer to home for America’s rural veterans.  Dr. Gill will focus on creating better job training, career placement and access to college for service members re-entering civilian life after deployment in Iraq, Afghanistan or other areas of conflict. Dr. Gill will also support an increased focus and funding for PTSD and mental health treatment for troops and veterans to help address the alarming increase in suicide rates among our latest generation of American fighting men and women.

David Gill also understands that our military service members and veterans have families that serve in their own way. In Congress, he will work to assist military families coping with the many unique challenges they face. That means demanding better pay and living conditions and improving access to quality and affordable care for military families, supporting spouses and advocating for those who live off base. Like their loved ones in service, military families are also sacrificing on behalf of our country, many experiencing challenges that will change their lives forever. Dr. Gill believes military families’ commitment to our nation should be honored.