Gill Earns Spot in DCCC’s Competitive Red-to-Blue Program

Bloomington- Dr. David Gill (IL-13) announced today that he has earned a spot on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) highly competitive Red-to-Blue program. He has surpassed demanding fundraising, organizing, and infrastructure goals and skillfully demonstrated to voters that he is a problem-solver who will protect the middle class when elected to Congress.

“As an Emergency Room doctor, David Gill has devoted his life to serving Central and Southwestern Illinois and he will bring a strong dose of common-sense problem solving to Washington,” said DCCC Chairman Steve Israel. “Dr Gill’s campaign to stand up to special interest influences and clean up Washington has inspired tremendous grassroots momentum, and voters will be drawn to his determination to give Central and Southwest Illinois middle-class families the independent leadership they deserve.”

“I’m pleased that Democrats from Wapella to Washington are standing with me to keep middle-class jobs here in Central and Southwestern Illinois and stop radical cuts to seniors’ Medicare and Social Security,” Gill said. “I don’t take a penny from corporate PACs or from Wall Street bankers – my campaign is powered by thousands of grassroots supporters who want to clean up Congress,” he said.

“The DCCC and Democratic Party recognize that Dr. David Gill is poised to pick up this Democratic-leaning House seat. He’s an emergency physician, not a Washington insider. 16-year political insider Rodney Davis is embroiled in the Illinois Republican Party’s money transfer scandal. No wonder Democrats think they can win with a scandal-free ER Doctor,” Gill campaign manager Mike Richards said.

“Polling shows Central Illinois voters reject Rodney Davis’ extreme budget plan,” Richards said.  “Rodney’s plan unfairly hurts senior citizens with its dramatic cuts to Medicare and Social Security and raises taxes on middle-class families so it can reduce taxes on millionaires and billionaires,” he said.

Rodney Davis’ Republican Budget cuts could leave some 13th District towns without their hospital. The plan threatens nine rural & small-town hospitals in the 13th District. Funding cuts to those hospitals could force some of them to close, leaving some 13th District residents an hour away from an emergency room. “It’s no wonder Democrats recognize this seat as one of the top pick-up opportunities in the country,” Richards said.

The DCCC’s Red to Blue program highlights top Democratic campaigns across the country, and offers them financial, communications, grassroots, and strategic support. The program will introduce Democratic supporters to new, competitive candidates in order to help expand the fundraising base for these campaigns.

“Rodney Davis is funded by people who want to privatize Social Security, by big oil companies and executives who outsource jobs to China. Dr. David Gill doesn’t take one cent from those people or any other corporate PACs. The choice for central and southwestern Illinois voters couldn’t be clearer,” Richards said.